Two Videos of State Legislative Speeches that Can Provoke Discussion of Religious Freedom and Discrimination



Article: The fuzziness of the establishment clause in practice

The decision to have Rev. Billy Graham lie in honor at the Capitol has raised questions about the contemporary meaning and purpose of the Establishment Clause. This article discusses that briefly, while also providing a brief discussion of how religion in American society has changed over the last sixty years. An excellent book on that topic is Robert Jones’ “The End of White Christian America.” And here’s an interesting Atlantic article by Jones (adapted from a new afterword in the paperback version of his book) about white evangelicals’ support for Trump:…/robert-jones-white-ch…/532587/.

Billy Graham is the first religious leader to lie in honor at the U.S. Capitol. Some say he should be the last.‘-Washington Post

Link to US Civitas Facebook Discussion Thread

Your Bill of Rights

It is a few years old now, but I just now found out about this excellent series of short videos on the Bill of Rights produced by Time. As they describe it,

In this series of ten short videos, TIME brings to life the words of the Founding Fathers and explores how these deeply felt ideas about liberty and property have evolved into the amendments as we interpret them today.