I’m still figuring out what this site is “about” and what it is for. It is mostly a political science and  general (wonky) public affairs curation site. I want it to be a resource for those who teach American government and politics courses. Besides that, I am not sure what to say, except for how the site can be used…

How to Use This Site:

  • Read the posts and anything linked within those posts. You also might want to subscribe to the RSS feed. (Not sure what that is? Here you go. Also, here are some great RSS aggregators.)
  • Use the drop down “categories” menu to find posts related to specific American government and politics topics.
  • Read the material I share via my “USCivitas” Twitter account. I use that feed to share links to interesting and/or important posts and articles that contribute to knowledgeable and informed citizenship. My recent tweets are displayed on the upper-right corner of this website’s main page. If you want to subscribe to my Twitter feed, do so at https://twitter.com/USCivitas.
  • Find other information sources. Links to various sources useful for informed citizenship are provided on the lower part of the left column of the page. The links are listed under category headings (e.g. “Political Science Blogs,” “Quality Public Affairs Commentary and/or Reporting,” “Economic and/or Domestic Policy Blogs,” etc.). Scroll over the links to get a brief description of the site and/or organization. (As you find links you like, you might want to subscribe to their RSS and/or Twitter feeds.)
  • Offer comments and respond to other users’ comments. Please note: I want a diversity of view points to feel welcome on this site. I will, however, insist on upholding the values that pertain to respectful and civil discourse. Although it is difficult to codify such values into a system of ground rules, I think the list available at this link is a useful starting point. I will intervene when necessary to clarify expectations and reserve the right to remove access to this site of any individual who, in my judgment, is not meeting the standards of respectful and civil discourse.

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