Article questioning the primacy of social identity over political attitudes


I could see using the findings reported in this article to frame a discussion about what drives division within American politics. In Ch. 3 of my textbook, I give a modified Madisonian account, arguing that two perennial drivers of division / conflict are ideology and interests. As I’ve told many of you, I plan eventually to add a “third I” to the discussion: (social) identity. But I think this article should give us pause before going as far as many contemporary scholars have gone (e.g., Bartels, Aiken, Druckman, Bolsen, etc.). They are close to contending that, at least in the mass public, it is ALL about social identity. As we see here, it appears that, at least when it comes to sex/gender identity, ideology appears to be an intervening (and more consequential) variable.

‘Why Donald Trump never really had a “woman” problem among Republican voters.‘-LSE US Centre

Link to US Civitas Facebook Discussion Thread


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