Provocative Article: “American Institutions Won’t Keep us Safe from Donald Trump’s Excesses”

trump oval office

This is probably too advanced for POLS 1101, but this is a very interesting revisionist account of America’s dispersed and separated governing institutions. I think I disagree — I think federalism, separation of powers, etc. have prevented more oppression than they have enabled — but he makes an interesting point. And his list of examples of injustices perpetrated and/or permitted by American government are important to keep in mind and to be ready to cite to students. Any realistic account of American institutions in practice would of course have to acknowledge many ways the institutions have allowed (and perhaps facilitated) abuse of power. The causal (counter factual) question, however, is whether there would have been more abuse and injustice if institutions were more concentrated and/or centralized. 

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Link to US Civitas Facebook Discussion Thread


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